About Us

Company Overview

World is rapidly polymerizing. The present needs and future trends rest in the hands of textile and chemical industries. Be it fashion fabrics or Kevlar taking bullets for protecting lives of soldiers in battlefields; chemistry of polymers is indeed the very future.

Since its inception in ______ (year), Chirag Corporation has been observing this avenue of development and exploring fabric polymers along with various specialty chemicals.

Expert: With our diversified solutions for wide range of textile industry products such as knits, hosiery, furnishing, denim, toweling, non-woven, automobile & garmenting; Chirag Corporation has attained the stature of one of the leading manufacturers and service providers in the global markets.

Chirag not only delivers products but also provides solutions The company meets not just deadlines but also the promises made. Hence, Chirag is known as the performance expert. The company aims to be a leader in innovation and technology and drive the industry with quality product solutions in diverse areas.

Research & Development

We believe that the company that invests in R & D wisely is likely to gain customers and maintain or increase its value. R & D is an important driver for organic growth. With a keen sense of balance between technology and people power, our R & D activities are constantly supplemented with technological upgradations as well.


Chirag Corporation aims to provide best possible products in order to enhance the quality and life of the material. The company provides easy-to-use, highly reliable specialty chemicals that increase productivity and profitability.