Auto - Textiles

Meikatex - HP- 600

  • Gives excellent softness and abrasion-strength to the auto textiles
  • No Needle marks or ground yarn breakage is seen on Auto textile Fabrics where HP-600 is used
  • Special PE wax emulsion widely used for improved sewability and efficiency in high density Fabrics like auto textiles

Phoscon - FR - SEK

  • Manifold uses in wet processing
  • Can also be used as Emulsifying agent for preparing emulsions of vegetable oil and mineral oils
  • Non-Ionic Wetting & scouring agent

Antifade - MC - 500

  • Good compatibility with dispersing and leveling agents
  • Easy to apply as it can be applied even in cheese dyeing
  • Shows good effect for preventing dis-coloration of fibre by sunlight - a major issue in auto textiles
  • Light fastness improver for Auto textile fabric

Hisofter - K - 355

  • Imparts excellent soft hand with full elasticity and lubricity on auto textile fabric
  • Non APEO type Silicone type softening agent
  • Compatible with all kinds of resins, fixing agents or PVA's