Pearl Silver / Gold / Copper Paste

  • In silver base but pigments can be added to bring colour to the prints
  • Very smooth touch of prints
  • Purely Non-mettallic type
  • Ready to print pearl paste either GOLD / Silver / Copper
  • Gives excellent shining effect to the printed area

Kunazyme - AAL

  • Rapid action of desize by exhaust process
  • Alpha amylase base enzyme in liquid form
  • No strength loss of Fabrics
  • Fast degradation of starch

Dispersol - ABS

  • Anti migrating agent.
  • Hydrophilic property will be increased for polyester Fabrics.
  • Anti redeposition – Anti back staining agent for Indigo dyed garment washing.
  • Compatible with garment wash chemicals.

Kunazyme - ACL

  • Reduces requirement of stones.
  • High contrast look.
  • Rapid action - High production
  • Acid cellulose enzyme in liquid form.

Electro Indigo SPB

  • Gives excellent wash down effects as same as indigo
  • Economical
  • Very good coverage
  • Unique Indigo Coating paste to achieve dark indigo through coating.
  • No caustic or Hydro to be used. Ready to coat paste.

Koatex Series

  • Rubbering effect
  • PU Oil Finishing effect
  • Barbour effect
  • Talc effect
  • Pad Finishing with PU effect
  • Oiling effect
  • A series of coating chemicals that provide Denim Imitation effect
  • Silicone touch coating
  • Glossy & Shiny effect
  • Peach effect
  • Pigment coating and many more customized effects.
  • Writing effect
  • Paper effect
  • Denim Foam Coating effect

Bodycare - AMC

  • Improves the hand of fabric which tend to lose drape after mercerizing
  • Finishing agent based on combination of monomers to give stiff finish to the fabric
  • Durable to washes
  • Helps in regaining the strength of mercerized fabric

Kunazyme - AAP

  • Rapid action of desize by exhaust process
  • Fast degradation of starch
  • No strength loss of Fabrics
  • Alpha amylase base enzyme in powder form

Parafine - MIR

  • Negative Ions helps in rejuvenating the body fatigue Safe, healthy,
  • Treated fabric emits negative ions on rubbing
  • Safe, healthy, pleasant, environment friendly product which activates person’s life energy
  • Infra Ray emitting finishing agent containing Hormesis Minus Ion Processing Agent

Kunazyme - ACP

  • Reduces requirement of stones
  • High contrast look
  • Rapid action - High production
  • Acid cellulose enzyme in liquid form

Derusto - KU

  • Applied at garment stage to protect metallic buttons, fasteners and zippers from tarnishing during garment processing
  • Anti rusting agent

Micro Encapsulated Perfume

  • Compatible with Acrylic binders which are used to make the finish more durable
  • Various Perfumes like Lemon, Lavender, Rose, Bouquet etc are available
  • Finishing agent for imparting perfume finish to the Fabrics
  • Micro encapsulated granules with excellent aroma retention are dispersed stably in high concentration

White Ink - SKD

  • Soft handle and good coverage
  • Good Rubbing fastness
  • White Pigment paste for printing

Parafine - ALO

  • By imparting Anti-bacterial effect, it contributes to the hygiene and health of the skin
  • Durable Moisturizing agent based on Aloe Vera and Chitosan
  • Raw material complies with food additive and cosmetic standard, its safety is assured
  • Gives wetting property to skin & hair

Siloxane - PSF

  • Silicone softening agent
  • Imparts peach skin effect to the substrate
  • Has to be applied after bio-polishing of substrate

Parafine AMJ2

  • Contributes to maintain healthy skin by moisturizing and warming ingredients which silk posseses
  • Silky touch feeling
  • Suitable to process Denim garments after enzyme
  • A soft finishing agent rich in amino acid of silk protein

Dispersol - AR

  • Gives an overall brighter / cleaner appearance to the garment
  • Good Anti-redeposition agent for denim garment wet processing
  • Minimizes the redeposition of indigo and/or sulphur dyes onto the pockets of garments
  • Improves the contrast between abraded and dyed sections on the garments

Parasol - GHM

  • Modified Acrylic copolymer binder for application of bio active Products

Kunazyme - NCP

  • Reduce stone requirement.
  • Controlled weight loss.
  • Get high contrast.
  • Cellulase enzyme in powder form
  • Activate in broad temperature range.

Photochromic Colour

  • Micro Granules dispersed stably in high concentration
  • Colorants which change colour when exposed any source of UV like Sunlight or UV lamps
  • Solar / UV light sensitive colour change
  • Photochromic Colour
  • Micro Granule based Ink

Shinoprint BCL

  • Very soft and smooth
  • Passing through hot cylinder calendering would increase shininess
  • Shiny Binder for tone in tone printing

Parasol - D

  • Good Washing and Rubbing fastness
  • Tertiary Polymer specially developed as dyeing binder
  • No shade change as transperant film

Super BN - 3

  • Providing outstanding wash & crock fastness.
  • Easy machine cleaning no film formation on contact parts of machine.
  • High fixation of pigment.
  • Cationic acrylic binder for exhaust process.
  • Less dyeing cycle time.
  • Compatible with Nonionic auxiliaries.

Welvatol 10 / HC

  • At 3% OWG application it passes international standards of ozone fading
  • Ozone fading inhibitor used for Denim Garments
  • Provides a soft hand to denim Fabrics, while having no adverse effect on seam slippage, even at high application levels
  • On most denim shades, it provides no significant reduction of light fastness

Pigfix 611

  • Colorants which change colour when exposed any source of UV like Sunlight or UV lamps
  • Cationic Polymer fixative for denim industry
  • Forms a part of Garment Dyeing system
  • Very effective in controlling dye bleeding during wet processing of denim
  • Improves wash & crock fastness

Supersol - NC

  • Smooth prints, feels just like reactive printing
  • Self cross-linking binder for printing, no curing required
  • Aqua based, Eco Friendly
  • Good for garment printing, print it, Dry & pack it and send it, will get cured on way

Texcote - GE - 03 / 04

  • Easy to apply
  • Nano particle based powerful anti-creasing, water repellent and anti microbial agent
  • Easily exhaustible on garment
  • Fabric feel is not at all hampered by application

Super BN 615

  • Non-Ionic acrylic co-polymer used in Garment dyeing with PIGFIX 611
  • Does not negatively affect hand
  • Improves dry, wet and wash fastness
  • Reduces dye cycle time
  • Reduces back staining

Thermochromic Colour

  • Micro Granules dispersed stably in high concentration
  • Micro Granule based ink
  • Colorants which change colours reversibly reacting to the changes of ambient temperature
  • Temperature sensitive colour change

Supersoft OC - 100

  • Non Yellowing type
  • Suitable for garment softening
  • Cationic Softner in 100% Concentrate Flake form

White Ink - PK

  • Soft handle and good coverage
  • White Pigment paste for printing
  • Good crocking fastness
  • Elastic Film

Surface Wash

  • Not penetrating in to the yarn
  • A Unique laundry washing agent which will bleach indigo from surface only
  • Control bleaching
  • Only core action