Non - Woven

Thickener 160 L

  • Compatible with all kinds of pu system as well as normal printing system kust like pigment printing
  • Ad additive to coating system which helps in adjusting the viscosity of the coating paste

Parasol - OEX 123

  • Imparts excellent fastness and soft handle
  • Special purpose Self Curing Binder for application of Perfume series in finishing
  • Excellent mechanical stability, film stretch ability and brightness of colour
  • Pure acrylic binder for pigment printing to get softest print
  • Self curing binder

Parasol - MV - 6000

  • Very easy to incorporate in the system without pre-neutralization
  • Acrylic thickener to increase viscosity of non-woven binders

Parasol - CL

  • Smooth handle
  • Special binder for back coating
  • Good drape and lusture
  • Unique elastomeric feel