Siloxane EC - 300

  • Excellent compatibility with various resin finishing agents and their catalyst, anionic finishing agents such as acrylic emulsion and also has dilution impact stability
  • Imparts a unique feeling of slipperiness, lubricity and drapability to natural fiber
  • Silicone Softener to improve softness & anti-creasing property

Parasol - G

  • Increases the weight of silk once applied through padding
  • Finishing agent specially developed for silk fabric processing

Sonic - S

  • Silicone emulsion for hydrophilic character & elastic handle

Paraguard 30 new conc.

  • Compatible to most of the resins, processing agents, softeners and catalysts
  • Durable after washing
  • It is APEO free
  • Fluoro carbon based water & oil repellent finishing agent
  • Fabrics treated are soft in comparison to conventional water and oil repellents available in market today.

Silkguard TC - 50

  • Easy to apply
  • Fabric feel is not at all hampered by application
  • Nano particle based powerful anti-creasing, water repellent and anti microbial agent for silk

Anti Slip - K

  • Anti slipping agent for silk

Para Softener - KRC

  • Fabrics treated are entirely free from oxidizing, smelling, colouring or discolouring from ageing
  • Water Repellency Extender
  • Good Drape and Touch
  • Reactive Durable Softener based on Octa Decyl Ethylene urea
  • Softener which increases tear & tensile strength by 50% of silk
  • It is neutral and in white paste form

Unimine ZF

  • Addition to sizing bath improves winding performance of the yarn
  • Non ionic softener which gives soft handle to silk


  • Enzyme based finishing agent for durable feel on silk which reduces de-gumming process

PUW - 20

  • Imparts lubricating softness and slippery siliconic touch to fiber
  • When used in combination with resin, it improves crease resistance, prevents lowering of tearing strength and improves hand
  • Textile processing agent for softening and dawn proof finish
  • Water soluble urethane resin

Micro Encapsulated Perfume

  • Micro encapsulated granules with excellent aroma retention are dispersed stably in high concentration
  • Various Perfumes like Lemon, Lavender, Rose, Bouquet etc are available
  • Compatible with Acrylic binders which are used to make the finish more durable
  • Finishing agent for imparting perfume finish to the Fabrics

Penetrol - NI

  • Manifold uses in wet processing
  • Uses are mainly divided under its Wetting and Scouring action
  • Non-ionic liquid detergent used during scouring
  • Extraordinary stability to most of process chemicals