Synthetic Fabric

Spunsize Series

  • High Lubricity
  • Easy to desize
  • Sizing agents specifically for sizing filament / spun polyester yarns
  • Good Binding Property

Penetrol DTC

  • Effective carrying capacity for soil & fats
  • Excellent detergency, high wetting and dispersing power
  • Good compatibility allows it to be used widely in preparatory wet processing of cellulosic and synthetics fibers
  • Crypto anionic scouring liquid detergent

Crylicon - SP

  • Cross linking of films deposited from it takes place upon drying without the use of thermosetting additives
  • Readily dispersible in cold water
  • Gives a soft silky hand with good durability and sewability
  • Acrylic copolymer based stiffener
  • Product can be used as a top softener
  • Combines excellent softness and low temperature flexibility

Glow Paste

  • Glows continuously for hours depending on the coverage
  • Gives beautiful novel effect just like Japanese prints
  • Can be printed on polyester, cotton and its blends
  • No chocking problems on screens
  • Ready to print printing paste based on concept of Glow in the Dark for amusement
  • Excellent fastness to washing, rubbing and easy application
  • To be charged for sometime under any UV source like tube lights or UV Lamp

Paracat - PG - 9

  • Helps to increase the durability of water and oil repellency finish
  • Blocked iso-cyanate based cross linking agent
  • Can be paired with Fluoro carbon based water and oil repellents

Levapol - DFT

  • Improves dispersion stability of dye bath
  • Leveling and stripping agent for disperse dyes
  • When used in higher concentrations it acts as a stripping agent to clean machines

Antistat - PT

  • Gives minimum friction between the metal and fiber
  • Used for all types of Synthetic Fabrics like polyester, polyamide, viscose etc.
  • Versatile and durable Antistatic agent-cum-Lubricant
  • Easy water soluble

Polymer - RFP

  • Reactive product that forms a strong film upon drying & curing
  • Finishing agent for denim processing to improve dry and wet crock fastness
  • Finish durable to multiple washes

Micro Encapsulated Perfume

  • Compatible with Acrylic binders which are used to make the finish more durable
  • Micro encapsulated granules with excellent aroma retention are dispersed stably in high concentration
  • Various Perfumes like Lemon, Lavender, Rose, Bouquet etc are available
  • Finishing agent for imparting perfume finish to the Fabrics

Paraguard 30 new conc.

  • It is APEO free
  • Durable after washing
  • Fabrics treated are soft in comparison to conventional water and oil repellents available in market today.
  • Fluoro carbon based water & oil repellent finishing agent
  • Compatible to most of the resins, processing agents, softeners and catalysts

Para Softener - KRC

  • It is neutral and in white paste form
  • Good Drape and Touch
  • Water Repellency Extender
  • Reactive Durable Softener based on Octa Decyl Ethylene urea
  • Fabrics treated are entirely free from oxidizing, smelling, colouring or discolouring from ageing
  • Softener which increases tear & tensile strength by 50% of silk

Siloxane - GEL

  • Widely used for shirting and bottom weights Fabrics
  • To be used after pre-dilution
  • Improves anti-creasing property and sew ability
  • High conc. Micro amino silicone softener

Parasilicone - BS 30

  • Gives slipperiness, lubricity and drapability to natural fiber, synthetic fiber, cotton/synthetic fiber mixed spun goods
  • New type silicone softening agent made by emulsifying high polymerized amino modified silicone
  • Entirely free from oxidized oil stain by heating and chloride damage
  • High conc. Micro amino silicone emulsion softener

Levapol - EL - 40

  • Replaces Sodium Hydrosulphite and detergent for washing off unfixed dyes
  • Reduction clearing agent used in polyester dyeing
  • Reduction power can be controlled by amount of alkali used

Parasol - G

  • Increases the weight of silk once applied through padding
  • Finishing agent specially developed for silk fabric processing

Meikatex - HPD - 200

  • Also helps to increase tear strength, abrasion resistance and crease recovery
  • Best for Polyester Sarees, Cambric, 67/33. 80 / 20 blends and for 100% Cotton Knitting
  • Anti-pilling Agent
  • Pilling rate will increase from 1 to 4 rate with this process

Pearl Silver / Gold / Copper Paste

  • In silver base but pigments can be added to bring colour to the prints
  • Very smooth touch of prints
  • Ready to print pearl paste either Gold / Silver / Copper
  • Gives excellent shining effect to the printed area
  • Purely Non-mettallic type

Polydesize J - 7000

  • Low Foaming Type
  • Removes PVA and acrylic sizing agent and emulsify oiling waxes as well as silicone lubricants, and prevents recontamination
  • Can be used in jet dyeing, high pressure high temperature dyeing rotary drum washer and continuous desizing as well
  • One shot desizing and scouring agent for polyester

Resin - AA

  • Excellent for finishing as well as sizing purposes
  • Imparts smooth and stiff finish to the fabric
  • Remarkable advantages over normal finishing or sizing compounds
  • Finishing agent based on Water soluble high polymer having acrylic and vinyl groups

Printobright - DKPR

  • Natural polymer based and viscosity modifier
  • Suitable for thickening reactive printing paste for printing on cotton and all synthetic textiles
  • Disperses readily and rapidly in water and produces smooth pastes
  • Printing thickener of High quality and high concentration for reactive printing

RAP - 55

  • Excellent dispersing properties in High temperature and thus no agglomeration of dyes take place
  • Keeps disperse dyes evenly dispersed during whole dyeing process
  • One shot levelling, dispersing cum penetrating agent for polyester dyeing
  • Very widely used for High temperature high pressure dyeing

Supersoft 210

  • Imparts excellent softness & improves anti–creasing property and sewability
  • Silicone softening agent for cotton, polyester/cotton and polyester Fabrics

Yotobright - LUX

  • Stable with resin & curing agent
  • Achieve high level of whiteness
  • Good sublimation property
  • Optical brightening agent for polyester Fabrics

Shinoprint BCL

  • Very soft and smooth
  • Shiny Binder for tone in tone printing
  • Passing through hot cylinder calendering would increase shininess

Cooldry - V - 1471

  • Wash Durable
  • Gives Anti Static property, Anti Soil Redeposition property and helps to retain moisture just like cotton to make it comfortable to wear for longer time
  • Applicable through foam depending on the ionic nature of the foaming agent
  • Moisture Management system for Polyester Fabrics including Poly denim

Parasoftener - KRC - 400

  • Neutral and white paste form
  • Unique reactive softener based on Octa decyl-N'-ethylene urea type product
  • Imparts fast softening and water-proofing effects to Fabrics
  • Concentrated version of Parasoftener – KRC

Siloxane - RS / 500 / 600

  • Applicable to synthetic fiber,cotton/synthetic fiber mixed spun goods
  • Imparts a unique feeling of slipperiness, lubricity and drapability
  • Excellent compatibility with various resin finishing agents and their catalysts
  • Silicon softening agent made by emulsifying high polymerized modified silicon

Yotobright - PRN

  • Good sublimation properties
  • Optical Brightening agent for polyester high level of whiteness

Sizofilm - P - 100

  • Gives excellent strength and elasticity to the yarn and increases the overall efficiency of looms
  • High Molecular Weight polymer resin for sizing of 100% Cotton and Polyester Cotton Blends
  • The film of P-100 is more elastic (30~40%) and stronger than conventional binding agents like PVA and acrylic
  • Very Easy to size for looms running on 1000 RPM for Finer counts

Sonic - 202

  • Widely used for shirting and bottom weights Fabrics
  • Excellent silicone softener for woven
  • Improves anti-creasing property and sew ability

Brighton - MDC (Cotton) / NR (Polyester) / W 33 (Wool)

  • Gives Unique tone and depth wiz unmatchable even with high dosage of dyeing
  • Achieve more depth in overdyeing of Denim
  • No need of curing
  • Achieve 40~50% Increase in depth of a dark dyed fabric like Black / Navy Blue / Dark Green
  • Durable Effect

Stripjet - FSR

  • Stable in acidic & alkaline condition
  • Stable at higher & lower temperature
  • Resist oxidation & reduction process
  • An Unique Finishing agent to strip off any kind of finishes imparted to Fabrics
  • Clean up stains mainly by oligomers
  • Finishes like Resin, Fluoro carbons and silicons are easily stripped off

Supersoft 200

  • Imparts excellent softness
  • Improves anti-creasing property and sew-ability
  • Micro amino silicone emulsion softener developed as a Silicone Softening Agent for Cotton, Polyester/cotton and polyester Fabrics

Carrycron -TCI

  • Swells polyester fiber for better dyeing
  • Dye Carrier used in polyester dyeing

Supersol - NC

  • Good for garment printing, print it, Dry & pack it and send it, will get cured on way
  • Aqua based, Eco Friendly
  • Self cross-linking binder for printing, no curing required
  • Smooth prints, feels just like reactive printing

Textile Wax

  • Diluted up to 5 times by adding water
  • Both properties of destroying existing foam and preventing from foaming
  • Milky white emulsion type defoaming agent
  • Concentrated pure silicone defoamer

Sizecare - EMO

  • Good film former and easy to apply with starch
  • Good smoothness on the yarn surface
  • Helps in decreasing the viscosity of the size mix
  • Uniform penetration into the yarn
  • Sizing agent based on 100% Acrylic
  • Makes flexible-elastic film on yarn.
  • Water soluble size for warp yarns of 100% cotton and blends

Unimul - FP

  • Applied for finishing of Interlining Cloth, Canvas and Fabrics where stiffness is important
  • Maximum Stiffness with Flexibility and Surface Smoothness is achieved Durable to washing
  • Specially developed polymeric product

Siloxane - PSF

  • Has to be applied after bio-polishing of substrate
  • Silicone softening agent
  • Imparts peach skin effect to the substrate