Sizecare JCWS

  • Increase in loom efficiency
  • Saves Energy cost as no cooking required
  • Flexible, elastic film
  • Higher co-hesive strength
  • Sizing agent for 100% Jute
  • Cold water soluble, low add on
  • High binding power, substantially reduces hairiness

Jutesize CWS

  • Forms smooth film on the yarn which helps in getting good loom efficiency
  • Excellent binding coupled with good elasticity
  • Cold Water Sizing Agent for Jute

Sizacryl - JNO

  • High film strength
  • Good binder and gives elasticity to the yarn
  • Very low add on
  • High molecular weight polymer for jute sizing

Dryfast - JS

  • Dose not hinder size film
  • Unique agent for drying the yarn fast on sizing machine
  • Helps in saving energy
  • Evaporates water fast from the yarn at low temperature

Supersize - ECO

  • Impart unique properties to a size film
  • Desizing by luke warm water and simple detergent - no need of enzyme
  • Completely soluble in water in contrast to conventional sizing agents
  • Polymer based sizing agent for 100% Cotton and Blends

Superjute - SSI

  • Powerful strength improver for jute, cotton, viscose & silk.
  • Fabric finished shows smooth and supple handle
  • Finishing agent to Improve the tear strength, abrasion resistance, crease resistance of jute Fabrics
  • Increases crease recovery and sew ability

Jute Batching Oil - K

  • High lubricity to jute yarn
  • Self emulsified.
  • Fatty acid ethoxylate
  • Lubricating Oil for drawing jute yarns

Sizecare - PVR

  • Improves elasticity of yarn
  • Good binder so no protruding fibers, hence good working looms
  • Blend of polymer to replace PVA in jute yarn sizing

Superbind - PG

  • Eliminates or substantially reduces the use of other sizes such as PVA, starch etc.
  • Formulation has exclusive imported chemicals as some ingredients
  • Polymer based Sizing agent for optimum weaving efficiency and excellent fabric cover

Sizol - DS

  • For application to indigo & sulphur dyed denim warp yarns
  • Good Coating capability on yarns - hence no hairiness
  • Sizing agent developed specially for warp sizing